About Us

VRC Legal is an independent firm with its office in Bangalore, India. Dynamic, responsive and client-oriented, VRC Legal aims to provide professional, relevant, timely and qualitative solutions at competent costs.

With a combined experience of over two decades in a wide range of areas of law, we are well-equipped to meet the legal needs of clients from different backgrounds and in a variety of situations.

From drafting a large array of agreements and other documents, to negotiating and concluding transactions, our range of experience equips us to respond to the legal needs of a client in a thorough and comprehensive manner.

Since we provide relevant, contemporary and practical solutions to our clients based on their unique circumstances tailored to their requirements, our clients will have the advantage of working with the best legal framework possible, enabling them to effectively manage and work with the changing needs of the markets and the legal systems.

We offer superior legal consultancy services at a competitive fee, ensuring exceptional value to our clients every time.