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In the  last few  days many newspapers have been carrying articles on the woes of Non – Government Organisations (NGO’s) who have been left high and dry with the amendments (Foreign Contribution Regulation Amendment Act, 2020) (Amended Act) that the  BJP  led government has hurriedly passed, making life  difficult for[…] Read More →

Importance of Written Contracts in Everyday Business Transactions

For those of us involved in regular business transactions as a part of our professions, even a normal exchange of goods or services often makes us wish that we had had a contract in writing with the opposite party. This is usually because most of us believe that several kinds[…] Read More →

Importance of Conducting Legal Due Diligences in Business and Immovable Property Transactions

Acquisitions, purchases and investments are paths to the growth of an organization adopted in several fields. However, before an individual or a business organization considers partnering with another organization, considers buying out an organization or even considers buying immovable property, it is important that such individual or business organization carries[…] Read More →

Employment Agreements and Appointment Letters – Why Terms of Service Are Best Down in Black and White

We are writing this article to elaborate, both to the employer and the employee, the need under Indian laws to have an employment agreement in writing at their workplaces. At the outset, it is important to understand that Indian laws specifically take care of the interests of one section of[…] Read More →

An Introduction to the Law on Sexual Harassment at the Workplace in India

With thousands of intelligent and qualified women in India entering the workforce in nearly every field and industry, both in the public and private sectors, every year, one of the questions that takes precedence above all others is that of gender discrimination and sexual harassment at the workplace. India’s progress[…] Read More →

Of Lease and Leave and License of Immovable Property under Indian Law

It is very common to hear the word “Lease” or “Leave and License” being used by someone known to us in our daily lives. Whilst most of us know the essential meaning of these terms, most people may not be aware of the actual rights transferred under such arrangements. We[…] Read More →

Effect of Clauses Imposing Restrictions on Employees During and After Employment

This article is intended to give the readers an insight on the provisions of law on certain restrictions which may have been imposed on a person in India during or after his or her employment with an organisation. In this regard, we are specifically referring to several instances where we[…] Read More →

Validity of Arbitration Clauses in Agreements which are Insufficiently Stamped or Not Registered (When Compulsorily Registrable)

In a civil appeal brought before it, a Division Bench of the Supreme Court of India (consisting of Raveendran, J and Patnaik, J), examined the highly interesting question of the validity of an arbitration clause contained in agreements which may be insufficiently stamped and/or not registered when compulsorily registrable. In[…] Read More →